World of Darkness - Legacy

The Art of War - Part 01 - Prelude to a war

Introducing the player charaters to the world

Addis: AD 100 – Britain A young slave attempts a brave escape from his Master…Agustus Mayhew He looses his mother and his father in the attempt. He has his first change….attempts to avenge his family and attacks his master….2025 – London Is Captured after appearing in the middle of the road and beat down by two men in business suits Mr. Black & Mr. White….2100 Berlin he wakes up and is placed into an observation room…the occupant of the room encourages him to smash the one way mirror…they then leave the room, he goes into frenzy, slaughters the guards and leaves…they walk to Berlin and make it to a hotel room…..he gets board and searches for his friend Reinhardt Gold…he finds a underground club and accidentally summons BSD’s but has the best sex in his life with Lisa D’Angelo. The club is raided by The Shepherd and 5 Chaos Space Marines…they kill all the humans…they knock him out…He wakes up crucified with silver nails…he pulls himself off the cross…and exits the building chased by BSD’s He kills several of them their leader challenges him to a fight..his is wounded Lisa D’Angelo saves him, and kills two or three BSD’s and heals him

Reinhardt Gold: 2100 – Berlin A test subject keeps waking trapped in a tube and being observed by twins Margo & Mason Weiss He is removed from the tube and placed into an observation room….he is given a ‘mate’ Addis He manipulates the werewolf into helping him escape…They escape and walk toward Berlin…he talks his way into the city, and gets some money for cloths and a hotel room…He leaves Addis in the room and goes off in search of clothing and food….He finds a thrift store, gets some clothing, and is directed to a soup line for some free food…at the kitchen he runs into D’Habi Revenant Twins they flirt with him and take him to their penthouse…they ‘show him the best time of his life’ and he slips into sleep…he awakes chained to the bed as D’Habi Revenant Twins
are drawing various symbols on him…The Elder begins to summon a demon and he cuts a deal and an embrace…he is dropped off at a rave which he eats…he helps Addis survive the BSD attack…he is now a vampire

Matthew Gabriel 2025 – NYC A rookie cop is having a bad day…he is assigned to a crooked partner, he witnessed his partner’s heart ripped out by a vampire, terrified by Rafael White, Met his father Odin, and was kidnapped…but it was all a dream. Or was it?…he is placed on guard duty at a upper class party….The Sabbat attack the party…he kills several of them until he is captured and hung upside down to be used as food….he is cut and sees his father again and is activated as a Scion…he destroys the sabbat pack…returns to the police HQ only to find it burning and empty….the city is being invaded by the Sabbat…he decides to start to defend the innocents in the city.
He sees a red star in the sky.

Ysabella Mid 1240s – Scotland A young woman is morning the death of her boyfriend ‘Gabe Noble’ and forced betrothal to a fat middle aged minor noble…she is married later that week…only to be embraced by an elder Ventrue…she is buried underneath her family’s holdings after they were destroyed by a local revolution
Late 2050 – Scotland she is awoken from torpor during Scotland’s war of independence from the EU….
she is found by a Nomad Sabbat pack fighting for scotland led by her old boyfriend…also a vampire ‘Gabe Noble’

Each players’ characters get their ‘last day of their life’ ….their Prelude


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